In this melancholic world, where responsibilities eat the excitement away and stress sits on our office desk, the toxic and bad energy burdens our minds that often end up bombarding our moods and sometimes health as well. This is an outcome of the most transitional centuries of our time, i.e. the 21st century that has brought twisted developments in lifestyle and technological standards; hard to ignore and fast to adept. 


All this patriotism towards our responsibilities, demonizes our health consequently, especially our flexes, and the most ignored part of our body i.e. our foot. Wearing flats, heels, wedges, silhouettes, or any pumps, walks us through any difficult day with ease, but all that stress piles down to the foot, further blocking healthy blood circulation that can often lead to nerve issues at the end. Foot Massage an optimal way to diffuse tense muscles into relaxation is the ideal verdict for anyone who has started to feel the tension in their foot muscles. 


To illustrate the wonderful outcomes of foot massage, mentioned are the cumulative benefits: 

It’s really good for your sex life: A foot massage naturally increases the mild arousal and offers an easy transition to more powerful erogenous zones such as the inner thighs and back of the knees; all good for you and for your significant other. 


Improves circulation: Another required and important benefit of a healthy foot massage is improved circulation in the lower extremities that are best for diabetic people. Due to a sedentary lifestyle, we easily become unaccustomed to using our muscles on a regular basis which is often impaired by tight and uncomfortable heels. 


Say goodbye to frequent foot and ankle injuries: Foot massage is not all about luxurious scents and crafty massage techniques that just ease your foot temporarily, but it is also about strengthening of foot muscles, treatment of joint pains and boosting recovery of joint injuries. A small session of about 3-5 minutes a week, can effectively reduce the risks of any unfortunate future injury. 


Reduces all the anxiety and stress drama: Anxiety attacks are pretty common amongst 80% of adults, which typically is an outcome of suppressed stress. The good news is that reflexology goes beyond putting people in a relaxed state of mind. Frequent sessions can dynamically reduce anxiety amongst cancer patients as well who are more prone to depression. 


It lowers your blood pressure, deals with migraines and frequent headaches: Apart from the cascading effect of modernization, an unhealthy diet and stressful environmental factors can escalate episodes of lower blood pressure and migraines. The dilemma of 9 to 5 race is already taxing, and to reduce the side effects of these, foot massages have proved to be admirable in its results. 


Post-flood of Endorphins: Sometimes post a marathon, and a race many athletes have confronted a high flood of emotions (also known as a runner’s high) that offers them a certain level of hypnotic satisfaction. Although this remains an unproven hypothesis, with the advancement in foot massage techniques, the flood of endorphins can substantially be initiated for runners exclusively. It should be noted that Endorphins bliss is only experienced by runners and athletes and not a general audience. 


Final Words: If you are enticed enough to get a foot massage right now, then you can go browse through the best foot spas around your location and check our review on the selected location. Before you get into a foot massage, make sure you have a foot cleansing ritual of your own and have all those cracks wiped off, so as the foot massage afterwards can do complete justice to your expectations and price.

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