Thailand, the upmarket island bliss inspires nearly every tourist to spend a wealth of choice on luxury, adventure, spa, water sports and importantly on the irresistible photographic landscapes. Knowing how enchanting and ritualistically luxurious Phuket is, I decided to hop on the 5-hour flight to Phuket as a vacationing tourist. The flights were dull since one has to board a connecting flight from Bangkok to Phuket, so my expectations were zero, thanks to the jet lag. But the moment I stepped in Phuket, the aromatic weather of the island evoked a sense of energy in me that I say was irreplaceable and enticing both.

My motives as a tourist were decided as I prepared my itinerary from the agenda of ghosting the best luxurious spots in Phuket, apart from getting a lazy beach tan. So I quickly zeroed on best holistic wellness spas in Phuket, as my intentions were to get pampered at first. After getting several tips from even my cab driver, one name continuously came up, Asaya, Rosewood. My choice was finalized by word-of-mouth from the locals in Phuket, so I quickly aimed my journey towards Asaya, Rosewood.

As I entered the wellness centre, I was engrossed by the whole outlook since this place appeared to be designed with true ambitions to nurture the well-being of any tourist that enters their gate. It had a natural appeal to it. The place looked no less than a scene from a Kardashian house, it had a beautiful garden area, where team Asaya cultivates their own herbs, beautiful lounges carefully built in every corner, and an aroma of their signature rosewood scent that had a blessing of warmth in it. After being invited like a God in this heavenly euphoria, I moved towards the centre of care by Asaya, browsed through what I would want and also be able to afford.

Since it was a hard decision to make, I asked the spa management to brief me on the choices. They narrated me their best offerings- HIIT training and meditation (mindful eating plans and muscle-melting massages) and took me for a short trip to their wellness atelier where visitors have the freedom to select their own ingredient herbs, get them crushed and arranged for their own specific treatment. After finalizing my own treatment herbs (as suggested), I went to get my stress, sleep and energy levels checked so as I can have a customized spa treatment. My spa treatment was a mixture of meditation and full body massage that would continue for three days for two hours every day.

I entered their spa centre where I had to be crowned by their well-being treatment. To begin, my expectations were well earned as my body slowly and gradually gave up to the external efforts of the spa doctor. She used hot oils which were of Tibetian inheritance and used techniques that eased my nerves, vented out my flight strain, cultivated a sense of smooth relaxation and intoxicated my body of all the natural work stress that had been piling up for ling. You never know what energy you are carrying with you until you get treated and embraced by outside affluence.  

The undeniable highlight of my whole experience was how attentive the staff was, as they circulated up and about to even the vaguest demands of the visitors. There was a sense of gratitude in everyone I saw in the centre, it demanded respect and invoked a sense of spiritual peace in me the whole time. The whole massage lasted for nearly 1.5 hours, after which I aspired towards the steam area, before the shower that is ritualistically necessary. I absorbed, and I repeat, I absorbed all the calm strength that was building up in my veins. Following the shower, I was greeted with tea, coffee or any beverage of choice. As much as I wanted to stay, my whole session of self-spoiling was done and then I descended back to my hotel where I just ended my night with a mild swimming session. For more information about this spa, click on this link -

“Massage therapists listen with their hands and their hearts” - Anonymous