The infinite pressures of adulthood and westernization combined have revealed stress in our lives, which bites the most in the form of physical and psychological strain. Just as we cross 25, the length at which responsibilities launches at us is both confronting and increasingly chaotic. Knowing that there is no reversing the age number, with a heavy head (pressure collected by my boss) and physical strain, an outcome of the ongoing torture (also collected) from weeks; I ditch the rhythm of grown-ups are supposed to follow, book, pack my bag and run to Thailand. Why Thailand? The answer is in the name, it's a land where Thai traditions are best conserved and practiced extraordinarily well, something that rest of Asia, still lacks in. 


After my edgy flight, I check-in to my new favorite hotel in Phuket--Banyan Tree Spa Phuket (Why Phuket, there’s isn’t anything much in Bangkok to explore, except few tramp clothing). I have been associated with Novotel for a while in the past whenever I came to Phuket, but Banyan Tree Spa came to my attention after a friend recommended by saying that it is a Spa Sanctuary villa, awarded for its mini-kingdom villas and lounge-scaped jasmine-scented complex. Moving straight to the point, I attend regular hotel formalities and wash off the long-connecting flights in my rustic villa that had peaked roofs, teak floors, and a private pool. Since my exhaustion was already done and dusted within a few seconds of my entry in this tropical fairytale resort where the aura is naturally rejuvenating, I was compelled to try out their spa facilities. 


I fulfilled my minor temptations (walking through the villa, having a swim, eating), and walked into the spa area which was created with an impression of an oasis in mind. Breathtakingly appealing and attractive, are the definitive words I use here to define the area since the actual imagery gets the justified introduction. I ask my regular questions as a customer, with the staff, who were standing right beside the bamboo sculpture situated in between the spa area. To attest the infatuation I developed on seeing the place, I decided to go forward with their signature aromatherapy massage. As I entered the spa room, my masseuse welcomed me with a Thai welcome drink and asked me formal questions as I oozed in the process that had begun in a matter of minutes. I was trapped in the peace she infused in me with her brilliant techniques, and consequently lost track of time, as my built up stress became obsolete. Within an hour of treatment, I felt enchanted, heavenly and engrossed, which made me surrender to loads of appreciation for Thai culture. 


After feeling transformed, I left for my dinner arranged by the resort on a special request in my villa. I ended my day in awe of Thai hospitality and a pledge that I will write a special review in the applause of the most authentic spa experience I ever had in Phuket, Thailand. 

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