The spirit of summer is only felt through the kindness of water. The sea breeze that gushes an easy ‘Hi’, tickles our soul with freshness and energy. Knowing that my 9-to-5 IT stint is absorbing all the reasons I love summer, I decide to bunk my conferences and pack my stress and head to Bali. Since summer in Delhi is only equivalent to Diarrhea, the ocean front is the only place I could pass the summertime effortlessly. On my arrivals (Visa-on arrival in Bali), Bali appears to be the place where people are joyous and are thankful to the sun. The relief in air is so infectious, that I instantaneously forget the stress I brought on my shoulders from the jetlag and of course Delhi.


I had a cab sent to me by COMO Shambhala Estate, my place of temporary residence in Bali. As the cab drops me on the gateway of COMO--built on landscaped grounds overlooking the renowned Ayung Valley, and also the river, I take a good one minute to absorb the magnificent built of the estate. It has its own style and character, built with minimalism as a concept but yet stays naturally attractive, COMO Shambhala traditional decor mesmerizes me to the extent of me writing this review. As I entered my room, I oozed into the luxurious expanse, and changed myself into an easy attire, as I made sure to get a spa first after my arrival.


Without wasting any time, I enter COMO’s wellness center, where I am welcomed with a drink--that has cucumber, honey, ginger and lime; as told to me. I take a minute again to get into the wellness mood, since jet lag has its own lasting impacts and only a spa can wash that off. Speaking more about the built and ambience COMO carries, it has its own natural spring (out of 8 in rest of the Bali), also the reason as to why I booked here, and has been awarded as to one of the most luxurious health retreat in Bali. From what I am told by the staff here, COMO has been designated with incubating the purest water by a visiting tea master here. As I couldn’t get impressed any further, I noticed that the service here in COMO is very much personalized. I get my own attendant who directs me to the heart of the wellness center and suggests me to undergo an organic massage which would have water treatment (hot -spring infused) more. I resign into his knowledge and enter the spa area, all ready to be pampered. My overall experience can be summed up only in one line that the entire time I was treated in the center, I felt effortless.


My experience was overwhelming and completely gratifying, as the money I spent was worth every Rupiah (Bali Currency). Although the stay in COMO can be parasitic to the wallet, but it is indeed worth the service they provide. The whole ambience infused with Bali culture, resonates with the soul of the guests. You can lie all day in the Zen-like wellness center or in the rooms while you work. In my opinion, you get an experience of a lifetime here. Save and come to COMO, Ubud, it won’t disappoint.


“Massage is the only form of physical pleasure to which nature forgot to attach consequences.”-  Robert Breault   

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