In this excessively competitive world, where modernization has started to grip our daily lifestyle, the additional outcomes, often bad, like stress, lack of sleep, and other neuro-related issues has started to surface, further making us confront our irrelevant and chaotic speed. Being a corporate slave for nearly 5 years, the reality of westernization has started to layer and allowing myself a weekend break, I fly down to Bengaluru, to attend College Alumni and ooze out into insignificant yet much-required activities like getting pampered. What better way to do this, than entering into the spa heavens of Bengaluru which are famous particularly for their personalized therapies.  

Since Bengaluru has hosted me a couple of times before, I prefer to often feel the greenery of roads and relax in less-populated areas; Rajajinagar and MG Road are my common choices. They are best for travellers, networking, and cool, calm and creative cafes that other areas of Bengaluru won’t have. After attending my easily stress diffusing college get together, I head out to Conrad; mainly for its spa and wellness services. I read about its review online, and after being referred by a friend at the party, I decided to attend its “Air Treatment” that is popular for.

As I enter the place, Conrad is a huge vertical building created to stand out as a premium luxury hotel. The resort cum hotel is a part of Hilton line, so I was a fan already, as staying with Hilton has always been easy and breezy in the past couple of years. When I read the spa menu, I had predecided on which service I wanted to explore, thanks to the solid feedback my friend gave. I signed in on their cash counter, for Anahata massage---popular as it gives the lymphatic system a pious attention by using warm poultices. After being done with the regulations beforehand, in their wide architectural expanse, that had every inch covered with rare/exquisite plants, fine lounge, and mystical aura, I guess it was sandalwood, I entered thier Tibetian themed massage area. Warm yellow lights, and beautiful Ice Fountain for a view, and a wooden architecture for a homely aura.

I prepared myself for my massage, in the process, I met my massage therapist, she introduced herself and later in the conversation, I learned that she has served thousands of customers from the world, and primarily for the “Air Treatment” which usually starts with Himalayan salt, poppy seed scrub that is often followed with a gayung shower i.e. combined with tuberose and rose oil. I scheduled the Air Treatment for my next visit, as I was intrigued by the ingredients they used and the substantial experience these therapists had. The whole discussion was indeed thought-provoking.

Wasting no time further, I relaxed for my Anahata massage on the massaging chair. My therapists poured some warm rose oil all over my body and massaged me slowly following all the necessary yet benevolent techniques. I was fascinated with how clever these ayurvedic oils can be, the effects were outstanding. My stress died somewhere in the process, and my nerves were relaxed, my heart was at a pace that I was more in my present, peaceful and taken care of. After a good 90 minutes of heaven induced in my body, I got greedy, but my tenure had ended, and I dressed for the following day. My overall experience was overwhelming, as I felt every second of my experience in Conrad, which is both worth my money and time.

Next time you visit Bengaluru for a holiday, give Conrad a chance check out their spa profile @