Ancient India was always about rituals, herbs, mythical potions, yoga and meditation. Time faded, Ayurveda lost attention and westernization converted harmless into harmful through an unnecessary chemical curse. And when these chemical compositions of westernization made themselves evidently harmful and worthless, the homo sapiens rushed to the dusty books of Ayurveda.

What is Ayurveda? The fact that a natural body ritual can be so luxuriously relaxing, is what Ayurveda can be termed as a bottom line. More, the essence of natural oils powered by simple massaging techniques is what Ayurvedic massage can be thanked for. This layered combination of Ayurveda and massage has empowered the present generation and has promoted a required trend.

An ayurvedic massage is based on ancient principles and is mechanized to essentially heal the body by lifting back up the balance of healthy mind and body. So an ayurvedic therapeutic session is designed to dissolve accumulated stress and toxins from the body further recharging the body to its full strength.

Knowing that Ayurveda has pleasure and power both to offer in a single session, here are 10 reasons as to why it should undoubtedly be in your weekly schedule:

  1. Reduction in Blood Pressure, Stress and Heart Rate.
  2. Reduction of numbness, and burning sensations in Diabetic Neuropathy Patients.
  3. Weight loss and Weight gain according to the type of diet, massage and techniques followed.
  4. Consistent reduction in knee and joint pains.
  5. Improvement In Hemiplegia.
  6. Improvement in concentration and a more balanced mind and body.
  7. Frequency of Migraines effectively reduced.
  8. Reduction in exercise-induced muscle damage.
  9. Relief in chronic back pain.
  10. Relief in sensitive nerves further facilitating improved blood circulation.
“Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not.” — Dr Howard Murad


Types of Ayurvedic Massage:


Known For: Crafted as per individual’s medical condition by infusing hot herbal oils in the dosha which simulates different energy centers.  

Benefits: Relaxes the nerves, Increases circulation and stamina, Inhibits good sleep


Known For: Kindi- a special vessel is used to warm the oils which when placed at the individual’s body causes perspiration required for Vata Dosha stability.

Benefits: Reduces joint pain, improves neurological conditions (especially paralysis) and enhances digestive abilities.


Known For:  Ayurvedic powder massage which uses the drying nature of powerful herbal powders.

Benefits: Improves muscle tone, deeply exfoliates the skin and removes toxins.


Known For: No oils and powders is uses, instead raw silk gloves are owned for regulating body simulation.

Benefits: Essentially breaks down the fat cells in body, makes skin glow and stimulates lymphatic system.


Known For: Acknowledged more as a skull massage, Shirodhara uses a consistent stream of hot oil poured over the skull to stimulate the nerves.

Benefits: Dismisses mental fatigue, reduces migraine frequency and improves concentration.

Abhyanga is widely applauded for its long term benefits incubated within 2-3 sessions.

However, Ayurvedic massages can be customized according to your own medical limitations. Power yourself up, ease into the greatness of Ancient gifts of India and reach out to any qualified Ayurvedic massage near you.

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